Digital Media Distribution

Digital Media Distribution is becoming more and more noticable in todays society. 90% of the US population use the Internet everyday. In fact, studies have shown that more and more people are turning to the Internet for sources of entertainment and less time spent in front of the television. Therefore, advertisers must come up with creative ways to have consumers interact with their products online.

Newest Innovation in the Media Market

Digital Download Card offers a 7-10 business day turn around at very economical prices.

• Give your fans more ways to purchase your music.
• Sell them at shows.
• You get 100% of the money from selling your downloads.
• Custom Brand your Digital Download Card.

Earn More Money!

Digital Download Cards are a great and simple way to earn more money on your downloaded media. Our Digital Download Cards offer consumers a fun, exciting, and memorabale experience with your brand. It helps to establish a direct relationship with consumers aimed at driving sales, increasing royalty and building your brand's reputation.

Digital Download Cards are a great tool to promote new business or retain existing clients. Here are some samples:

• Grand opening gift give awaysDining Rewards through digital download cards
• New customers
• Gift with purchase
• Employee incentives
• Hiring incentives

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