Even more ECO-Friendly Digital Download Cards

Distribute your Content, and BE GREEN! Eco Friendly Solutions

DigitalDownloadCards.com is proud to announce our greenest options yet! Instead of using plastic cards, distribute the codes on biodegradable cardboard, recycled paper, or even wildflower-seed embedded paper!!

Seeded Digital Download Card

With our latest Seeded Cards, turn your promotion into a GREEN promotion with new Seeded Download Cards. Packed with handfuls of the highest quality seeds, the seeded paper comes from 100% post consumer junk mail. When planted and watered, the paper biodegrades away and the seeds are left to germinate into a garden of growth!

ECO-Friendly - Looking Good Doing It

Digital Promotions, like the Music Download Card drives your retail customer to a download landing page. This page reinforces your brand and identity. In fact, the most powerful part of promotions like these is the option to up or cross sell your company's services.

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