What’s a Digital Download Card?

A Digital Download Card is a custom printed card that resembles a Gift Card. The front is printed with any graphic you desire and on the back we print a unique access code that is redeemable at the provided URL for a download.

What is included?

Each Digital Download Card includes your custom printed card with a unique access code, 250mb of hosting, a basic landing page for download redemption, and 2 years of customer support.

What is a Custom Landing Page?

The page where your download is redeemed. We will create a custom page to fit your unique look and feel so your users will identify with the download.

Turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Orders exceeding 10,000 or more may take longer but please speak to your DigitalDownloadCard.com representative

What if a code is widely distributed, will everyone have access to the download?

The beauty of a Digital Download Card is after our system has verified that the user correctly downloaded the file once, the download is deactivated so even if the codes are plastered on a billboard, the download will be unavailable for any that try and use that same code.

Can I add something other than an .mp3?

Of course, the space is yours to have any sort of file accessible to your users. Whether it be a movie, zip file of documents, the sky is the limit.

Do The Cards Expire?

As a default, the available downloads will expire after two years but this can be modified based on your preferences.

Do You Print On Anything Other Than Plastic Cards?

Sure, what do you have in mind?